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Mechanistic Studies

CB17153 073

As well as screening inhibitors and determining IC50 values, we offer a number of services to look at how inhibitors act. Topoisomerase inhibitors, for example, may act in a number of ways, as cleavage complex stabilisers (poisons), as ATPase inhibitors or as intercalators. We provide a range of assays to investigate this.

We can also try to provide crystal structures of the inhibitor in complex with its target. This is carried out in collaboration with experienced crystallographers at the John Innes Centre.

The RedCat service allows you to determine the DNA sequence bound by a protein or identify the promoter region within a stretch of DNA. This technique is applicable to any DNA-binding protein but is particularly useful for investigating transcription factors. For example, it can be used to identify the preferred binding site of a transcription factor.

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