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  • HTS Assay Kit Topo I and II

High/Medium-Throughput Assay Kit - M. tuberculosis Topoisomerase I

The kit is supplied with sufficient M. tuberculosis topo I enzyme, plasmid DNA substrate, buffers and other assay components for 100 assays including a black streptavidin 96-well plate. The enzyme is supplied at a minimum concentration of 5 U/μl in Dilution Buffer. The kit is also supplied with sufficient wash buffers for one 96-well plate. These buffers are supplied as 20X concentrates and must be diluted with ultra pure water prior to use. The streptavidin-coated plate is also included.

More information about this assay can be found on the 'Services' page under 'High/Medium Throughput Assay'.


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MTTH01 HTS Assay Kit - M. tuberculosis Topoisomerase I £944.00
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