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T4 DNA Ligase

T4 DNA ligase is supplied at either 2,000U/ul or 13,000U/ul along with 10X buffer. 1U is a cohesive end joining unit (CELU). 650 CELUs is approximately 1 Weiss unit so 2000 CELUs/ul is equivalent to ~3 Weiss units/ul (TDL1, TDL2) or 20 Weiss units/ul (TDL3C)

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Cat no. Product Price Quantity
TDL1 T4 DNA ligase Kit 1
80,000 U of T4 DNA Ligase
TDL2 T4 DNA ligase Kit 2
400,000 U of T4 DNA ligase
TDL3C Concentrated T4 DNA Ligase Kit3
400,000 U of 13,000 U/µL T4 DNA Ligase
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