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E. coli Gyrase ATPase Kits

These kits can be used to test the effects of potential ATPase inhibitors or the effect of mutations in the GHKL domain. For example, the coumarin drugs, such as novobiocin, inhibit the action of DNA gyrase by competitively inhibiting the hydrolysis of ATP thus preventing supercoiling. 

These assays are microtitre plate-based and thus large numbers of compounds can be screened in a relatively short period of time. They also continuous assays which can provide more information than an end point assay.

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Cat no. Product Price Quantity
ATPG001 Kit For 100 ATPase Assays with GyrB
ATPase kit with full length GyrB enzyme
ATPB43 Kit For 100 ATPase Assays with GyrB43
ATPase assay kit with truncated GyrB43 domain
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