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Enzymes, substrates and kits delivered worldwide

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Quality grade products and services

Inspiralis is internationally known for producing premium grade enzymes and substrates, in easy to use assay kits, as well as providing contract research services. Whether you are involved in drug discovery, blue-sky research or looking for enzymes as tools in your process, Inspiralis can help. What sets us apart is our team’s commitment to providing consistency and quality with our deep understanding of enzymes.

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Why Inspiralis?

Inspiralis Limited is a trusted partner in the field of DNA modifying enzymes and substrates, providing a range of products and services that support preclinical development in drug discovery.

Our expertise in DNA topoisomerases and DNA topology are unmatched and we have the widest range of DNA topoisomerases available worldwide. 

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable staff, alongside the meaningful collaborations established with academic groups, allows us to provide the highest level of support and guidance, ensuring that optimal results are achieved using our products and services.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services and providing excellent customer service. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs!

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  • I've worked with many suppliers in my career, and Inspiralis is by far my favorite so far to work with. Our company worked with Inspiralis as a critical raw material supplier for a preclinical program rapidly accelerating towards Ph1 trials. We selected Inspiralis as our supplier because their product was far and away the highest quality, and excellent value. However, beyond their product quality and consistency, we found Inspiralis to be an incredibly communicative and collaborative partner - going above and beyond providing us data to enable our own process development, sourcing a boutique shipping company to ensure our high-dollar-value shipment arrived safely and still frozen, or working at all hours to produce an extra large, last-minute, and highly urgent request. I would very happily work with Inspiralis again in the future.

    Manager of Operations and Planning A Gene Therapy Company, USA
  • The kDNA we purchased from Inspiralis is much better than the one from Inspiralis's competitors.
    We have noticed a significant improvement in stability and reproducibility of results when we started to use kDNA from Inspiralis.
    We have also performed super resolution microscopy and AFM on the kDNA and the integrity and purity of the samples are by far the best.

    Davide Michieletto Royal Society University Research Fellow

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