T4 DNA Ligase

Inspiralis has been supplying T4 DNA ligase for many years. We can supply it in the smaller quantities below or in larger or more concentrated quantities (for example for DNA-tagged chemical library construction).

T4 DNA ligase catalyses the formation of a phosphodiester bond between the terminal 5′ phosphate and a 3′ hydroxyl groups of duplex DNA or RNA. It can ligate cohesive ends of DNA or oligonucleotides, as well as RNA and RNA-DNA hybrids and is particularly efficient at sealing nicks in duplex DNA.  It can also ligate blunt-ended DNA but cannot ligate single-stranded nucleic acids. It requires ATP as a cofactor.

T4 DNA ligase is supplied at either 2,000U/ul or 13,000U/ul along with 10X buffer. 1U is a cohesive end joining unit (CELU). 650 CELUs is approximately 1 Weiss unit so 2000 CELUs/ul is equivalent to ~3 Weiss units/ul (TDL1, TDL2) or 20 Weiss units/ul (TDL3C)

Technical Documents

Cat No. Product Price Quantity
TDL1 Kit 1
80,000U T4 DNA ligase (2000U/ul), 10X buffer
TDL2 Kit 2
400,000U T4 DNA ligase (2000U/ul), 10X buffer
TDL3C Kit3
400,000U T4 DNA ligase (13,000U/ul), 10X buffer
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