Inspiralis supplies high quality research products to both the pharmaceutical industry and academia supported by our highly trained and experienced scientific staff.

We supply topoisomerases, ligases and other DNA- and RNA-modifying proteins as well as substrates and kits for assaying their activity. We have the enzymes from a range of organisms and a variety of mutants available.

We also provide screening services to identify and characterise inhibitors in a variety of assays. These include inhibitor screening assays for  topoisomerases (both low- and high-throughput assays) and our other products (eg DNA-unwinding assays for intercalators).  We also make custom proteins characterised for activity        (e.g. topoisomerases from different organisms) and mutants of the proteins.



Human Topoisomerase II Beta

  Streptococcus pneumoniae Gyrase and Topoisomerase IV


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